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Brandi Copeland

Luminous Mobile Aesthetics (LMA) was created in 2017 by two very talented female entrepreneurs that love aesthetics.  Brandi Copeland and Kaylee Stone are both native to South Texas and met in 2004 while attending Texas A&M Corpus Christi’s nursing program together.  Kaylee Stone got her start with aesthetic injectables working for a local plastic surgeon in 2010.  Brandi Copeland got her start working at a local Med Spa in 2013.  After a plethora of professional and life experience, we decided to bring our strengths and talents together, forming LMA.  It has been a great experience working together, building upon one another’s expertise and making each other a better injector and businesswoman every day. We often attend conferences and training on the latest evidence-based aesthetic techniques to offer our clients the safest and most effective services.

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Kaylee M. Stone

When you look your best, you feel your best. LMA is proud to promote and deliver radiance and confidence to our clients by enhancing one’s natural beauty. Our clients are our billboard and we want to 

display our best work with every procedure that is done.  We value and endorse an inherent and natural look that allows LMA clients to feel, appear, and be their best selves.  Most of our clients say that after receiving services from LMA, they are often told that they appear so rested, glowing, and look great.

LMA is different from others because we offer concierge services from highly trained and experienced injectors. That means that we come to you! You are our number one priority with each visit.  You can receive your services in the comfort of your home or office and will never have to wait in a waiting room.  This offers our clients the ultimate level of privacy and comfort. No one will ever have to know that you have had anything done.  On the other hand, some love to pamper themselves with friends and LMA does parties for those who desire a more social experience.  This is a fun alternative to receive your 

services in a relaxed environment.

Luminous Mobile Aesthetics offers quality services by highly trained and experienced injectors that develop a collaborative working relationship with their clients to provide extraordinary yet natural outcomes. We can’t wait to work with you on your goals to look your best!


Treatment Packages


 Prescription medication that affects the transmission of signals between neurons that impair muscle movement and thus create a smooth appearance in wrinkled skin. It usually lasts 3-5 months and is used for wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows. Most people are familiar with the brand name Botox.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Filler with an ultra-thin consistency that is used superficially; in areas like the lips or fine static lines. It usually lasts for 6 months.

Versa Filler

 Filler with a thin consistency that is used superficially; in areas like the lips or small static lines. It usually lasts 6-9 months.

Silk Filler

Anti-wrinkle Injections: $12 per unit

Silk Filler: $550

Versa Filler: $550

Lyft Filler: $650

Radiesse Filler: $750


Anti-wrinkle Injections: $10 per unit

Silk Filler: $450

Versa: $450

Lyft Filler: $550

Radiesse Filler: $650


Filler with a thick consistency that is used deeper in the face; in areas like the cheeks. It usually lasts 6-9 months

Lyft Filler

Filler with a thick consistency that is used deeper in the face. It causes your body to produce more of its own collagen, which enhances its effectiveness. It usually lasts 9-12 months.

Radiesse Filler

Your consultation with your medical professional will answer any questions you may have in regard to which treatment option and product will be best to reach your desired goal and personal outcome.

Injections are performed by trained medical professionals with FDA approved products. We hold high standards for our products and our work. Our goal is to deliver radiance and confidence to our clients.

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